In response to my own daddy kink writing, I’ve gotten alot of asks for similar stories, so I decided it would be easier to just make a post instead. 

Note: They’re all Larry and to read suzie_shooter’s works you must make an account and join her fic community here.

  • Darcy’s Dad by DeadBegonia on AO3: Where 17 year old Harry is dating Louis’ daughter, but it’s not Darcy he’s interested in.
  • School Ties Part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 by suzie_shooter on LJ: Where Zayn is 12 year old Harry’s teacher and Louis starts to date him and a relationship blooms within the three.
  • Daddy’s Little Princess by stylinsonmoans on Tumblr: Where Louis is 12(13?) year old Harry’s stepdad and Harry likes to be seductive in a pink tutu.
  • Glorious Technicolor by suzie_shooter on LJ: Where Louis is 12 year old Harry’s dad and their relationship starts to escalate. And Louis likes to take pictures.
  • My Good Boy and it’s sequel Birthday Boy by twiinklinstyles on Tumblr: Basic daddy kink that Harry at age 10 starts a relationship with his dad, Louis, and the sequel takes place 7 years in the future.
  • Baby Boy by dirrtylarry on Tumblr: Louis, 20, adopts a shy Harry at age 14. A relationship ensues.
  • Feels So Right by dirrtylarry on Tumblr: Harry at age 16 decides to seduce his stepdad, of course, Louis.
  • The Boy Next Door Part 1, 2, and 3 by suzie_shooter on LJ: Louis (20-ish) isn’t Harry’s father in this one but he does call him Daddy in it a few times, so it counts, yeah? Takes place over a couple years.
  • Also, I can’t directly link it because it’s against the rules, but there’s alot of good daddy kink/underage stories in the 1Dkinkmeme, just type it up on google and click. Yay!
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