Once Is a Mistake, Twice Is a Choice

Sequel to It’s Better When It’s Wrong, where Louis, 22, is Harry’s godfather and when Anne dies he gets possession of him. He receives a lot more than he asked for.

Warnings for underage gay sex and over-usage of the word ‘Daddy’ and possible damnation to Hell.

Louis cries the next morning and Harry just hugs him through the silent sobs. Harry’s head is lying on his chest, curls splayed out on the cotton fabric of Louis’ shirt and it moves a bit with every pitiful sob.

“Daddy, I’m sorry. Don’t feel bad. Please.” All it succeeds in doing is making him more upset. He murmurs his apologies onto the top of Harry’s head as his little boy reassures him that it was so good and one of his favorite things he’s ever gotten the chance to do.

“I shouldn’t have done that, baby. Anne trusted me with you and you’re still a kid and you’re too young to understand how bad this-” Harry cuts him off with a sharp glare and an avid voice.

“I understand. I understand that we’re not supposed to be doing this, I’m not daft, but you just make me feel so good and I want it all the time and p-please don’t act like last night never happened.” His eyes are the only thing more pleading than his voice and Louis half-shakes his head, reaching up the run his fingers softly across the skin that’s stretched over his developing jawline, caressing the smaller boy as they both tremble softly.

“Everything’s gonna be alright, yeah? How about we go see that new movie that you’ve been on about for ages? Wouldn’t that be fun, angel?” He feels a shudder rack through Harry’s body at the pet name and he agrees enthusiastically, staring up with bright eyes.


They end up staying for three movies at the cinema, then for food at Harry’s favorite restaurant, then ice cream at his favorite parlor; Louis’ doing anything and everything to keep them both from returning back to his now suffocatingly small flat. The guilt lies heavy on his heart, but what scares him the most is that it isn’t guilt caused by stealing his twelve year old step-son’s innocence, but because he’s wishing the chocolate chip ice cream cone that Harry was now licking was his cock.

He can’t keep his mind off the way Harry’s pink lips would have to stretch wide for the girth of it, probably not able to take but the first few inches. He literally cannot stop thinking about how good the warmth of his mouth would feel and not to mention the heat of his tight little a-

“Daddy?” The eyes that he was just imagining watering from the fill of his cock are now looking at him from the passenger’s seat of the car and it manages to make him feel impossibly worse.

“Yes, Harry?”

“Can we go home now? I’m getting kind of tired.” Louis pretends he imagines it, but there’s a slightly mischievous glint in the smaller boy’s eyes.

“Of course we can.” But the way Harry’s licking that fucking ice cream cone should be illegal because 22 year olds shouldn’t be getting hard from their 12 year old godsons but here Louis is, his cock pressing uncomfortably against the zip of his trousers. He could swear in that moment that Harry knows what he’s doing to him.


When they’re finally back at home Harry flees to his room to put a pair of sweatpants on, and Louis rushes to the bathroom to try and have the quickest wank of his lifetime. His back is pressed against the cool tiled wall and his fingers fumble with his button and when he slips his dick out he nearly moans out loud, but controls himself just in time.

His own hand has never felt so good as it grips his base firmly and moves up to the tip, twisting and using every trick in the book to get him to come as quick as possible. He doesn’t quite have the edge to get himself there, but when he hears light footsteps outside the door his hand speeds up and his mind races nearly as quick as his heart, unwillingly thinking of bouncy curls and a pretty pink cock. His lips are bitten raw when he hears a soft inquisitive voice call out, “Daddy?” And then he’s coming, spilling over his own fist with nothing but a silent gasp. This is the second time Louis’ managed to wank over the 12 year old boy in the past 24 hours.

He’s trying to make his obviously harsh breath calm down while his clean hand throws the tap on to wash his release off his other.

“Louis?” Harry’s voice is now coming from right outside the door and Louis tries to answer without sounding too winded or guilty.

“Y-yeah, Harry?” Once his hands are dried on a towel and pants are zipped up he unlocks and opens the bathroom door to reveal shining green eyes staring up at his own. “Did you need something, darling?” He sees Harry’s visible reaction to the name, a slight darkening of his lively eyes, and he almost wishes he never said it. Almost.  

“There are monsters under my bed,” he doesn’t even look embarrassed, “I want to sleep with you in your bed tonight.” Louis’ knows he’s lying. Knows he doesn’t believe in fictional characters, he’s too mature for that.

“We both know you don’t believe in those silly things, Harry.” The younger boy just sort of looks around, desperately searching for a reason to sleep with him before sighing in defeat.

“Please?” Harry’s head is tilted to the side and his curls flop over with it and Louis sees tears in his eyes and that’s it. He picks him up bridal style and walks him to the large master bedroom, plopping him down on the soft mattress before sinking to his knees and holding Harry’s jaw in his hands.

“Okay, you can sleep with me. But you’ve gotta be good for me, yeah? Be good for Daddy?” And Harry nods his head eagerly until Louis says the next words. “No repeats of last night. We can get in a lot of trouble for it and you can get taken away from me. You don’t want that to happen, do you baby?” And then he just looks sort of defeated, nodding remorsefully.

Louis falls asleep with Harry wrapped up in his arms and everything feels right except for a dull twist in the bottom of his stomach.


Louis wakes up with his cock thick and pressed in a warm mouth and he can’t help but moan loudly because it’s been so long. He lets the plump lips bob up and down on the first third of his cock for a bit before realizing that there shouldn’t be a mouth there. With a gasp he looks down to see a head moving under the blankets, and the idea of feigning sleep runs through Louis’ mind but he knows the guilt would tear him up, so he removes the blanket with a sigh of ‘Harry’.

He’s looking up with those same eyes Louis was fantasizing about earlier, and he stifles a groan as he feels a little more of his length be enveloped into the heat. His pajama pants are secured under his balls and it all looks so obscene.  “Harry, n-no.” He doesn’t even sound convincing to himself. He reaches forward to grab Harry’s hair to pull him off softly, but he jerks and ends up pulling a bit harder than expected when he feels his tip rub against the back of Harry’s throat.

Instead of retracting in pain, though, Harry moans. The vibrations aren’t like anything Louis’ ever felt before and he nearly loses it. “Fuck. Oh god. You don’t have to do this angel.” The younger boy takes him the deepest he has so far, his small mouth wrapped about halfway down his cock before pulling off.

His voice is an absolute wreck when he says, “I want to, it tastes so good. Wanna be good for you. So good for you, Daddy.” And he leans back in and starts working his mouth over the sensitive skin of his erection, leaving licks and kisses all over the underside while he fists the base in his small hand. Louis finally allows himself to rest his hands in Harry’s hair, loving the way his golden fingers contrast against the shiny almost black-ness of his curls.

“Yeah, yeah you’re perfect.  So lovely Harry. So pretty with my cock in your mouth.” Louis doesn’t even register that he says it but he does register the moan he gets in return when it hits his already throbbing need. “Fuck.”

Harry pulls off to ask Louis a question that makes his heart drop to his stomach. “I want you inside of me, please please please.” His hand is stroking and the slick sound is so loud and severe in both sets of ears. Louis doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he wants. And when he wants, he takes. So he moves forward and tenderly grabs the younger boy, pulling him onto his lap and kissing him. In a fraction of time, they both see white behind their eyelids as their tongues work together hotly. Louis gingerly removes Harry’s white tee shirt and wiggles his own plaid pajama bottoms the rest of the way off.

Harry is working his hands over Louis’ chest as he rocks down onto the elder’s bared cock, gasping when the friction works on his own achy one. He fists the grey fabric of the shirt in his hands as he whispers, “off.” He complies and now the only thing separating them are Harry’s thin sweatpants. When Louis presses his fingertips below the loose waistband, it all feels very final, and Louis’ heart is beating so quick it might just break out of his chest. A frantic “c’mon” is what gets him to finally remove his pants and underwear at once, not teasing in a moment like this one.

With hands running over his pale skin and eyes devouring him hungrily, Harry has never felt so good. Louis reaches into the bedside table and finds the lube, squeezing some onto his fingers as neatly as possible.

“I would tell you ‘this is gonna feel a bit strange” but you already know that, yeah?” Louis says as he impales the boy with slender finger after slender finger. As he finally fits the third one in and curls them, Harry lets a choked out whimper of ‘Daddy’ and it makes Louis a few times more desperate.

He tries to forget how wrong yet right this all is as he settles his back against the headboard, positioning Harry’s slender hips above his body, instructing him to go at his own pace and Harry moves to sit down, taking in just the head as he breathes heavily into Louis’ neck.

“Do you wanna stop, Harry?” He prays to every religious deity that he doesn’t. And he’s relieved when he gets a whispered ‘no’ in response, curls tickling the side of Louis’ face as he whimpers into Louis’ damp skin. Without warning, Harry sinks down a few inches, the tightness tempting Louis to just slam his hips upwards. He holds back though, of course, white-knuckle gripping the sheets as Harry’s arse is finally cradled against his pelvis. “I’m so sorry, baby. I’d take the pain from you if I could.” And Harry whines as he shifts to kiss his father again. Both sets of their eyes are misty as Harry lifts up and drops steadily.  “Oh god,” He groans and Harry replicates nearly the same noise as he moves his hips in little figure eights.

Daddydaddydaddyyes.” The younger boy can’t seem to keep his mouth shut as he moves his hands to the headboard to get more leverage. Louis’ hands are helping him as well too, and they finally have a steady rhythm going. Using his grip on Harry’s hips, Louis shifts him to change the angle, hitting his prostate and provoking a loud cry from the younger.

They continue like that, pressed chest to chest until Louis sneaks a hand between them and gets a firm grip on Harry’s swollen length and he doesn’t even have to move it, Harry’s up and down movements causing him to fuck his fist without even trying. “Can you come for me? Look so good when you come, I wanna see it.” He’s really close to the edge, but wants, no needs Harry to come first. “Please, baby. You feel so good and so tight. I’m gonna come but I need you to first. Come for daddy.”

That’s all it takes before Harry’s spurting his release out onto both of their chests with an obscenely loud moan. He keeps rocking his hips, milking his father with his tight little body until he spills into Harry with a breathy gasp. Harry collapses onto Louis, contently splayed out onto his chest.

“That was so good.” Louis murmurs his agreements into pale skin and goes to pull out and Harry lets out an empty sigh.

“I bet you’re tired, aren’t you angel?” And Harry giggles and nods his head as Louis wipes them off with a tissue, having to resist getting hard again when he cleans his release from around Harry’s tightness. “Sleep now, yeah?”

“Hmm, yeah. Thank you Daddy, that was beyond perfect. I love you.” Louis feels a bit of guilt rise back up and it’s as if Harry reads his mind. “I mean it,” He looks up with those dazzling green eyes, “I’m glad it was you.” Louis smiles and slinks into the covers beside him, holding Harry’s back to his chest as they both start to doze off.

“I love you too, Harry. So much.”

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